and Delilah..so, i never read or heard the story of them tp cite ni really pique my interest scene dlm my favourite song by new radical - someday we'll know also ade mention about them.. - "someday we'll know why samson loved delilah" hmm maybe this is one of bible's story kot~ so xyah la nak amik tau ye, cerite2 dlm Al-Quran tu pon tak abis khatam lagi (i mean err yg dlm terjemahan la) haha ok back to Regina Spektor, i really feel that she is my 2nd Sarah Mclachlan..opcoz xle lawan Sarah Mclachlan yg mantap 2..huhu so ni la 'the song in my car' for this week ye together with lagu2 Laura Jansen n opcoz lagu Adia by akak Sarah 2..yep, layan jiwang kite minggu ni..(oh 2 blum aku start with norah jones's lagi :P) yela scene dah nak msk 25 ni marilah berjiwe 'mix fm' :)

act I like yg slower version nye..tp ni je yg ade..sile enjoy

comment posted by her fan:

@someletters0 Its about her experience with a loved one with cancer, but its compared to the bible story. She represents delilah and he is like samson. Chemo makes your hair fall out unevenly, so she cuts it. It is a metaphor to samson and delilah because she cuts it while hes weak with cancer, and samson got weak when his hair was cut. Wonderbread references how he was too sick to eat anything else because of the chemo. The line, "the bible didn't mention us" shows she isnt talking about the real story.


^fairyha^ said...

Song of the week aku sekarang ni Just My Imaginataion yang duet Babyface ngn Gwyneth Paltrow.

Aku fan MIXFM yang sekarang dah berpaling tadah ke REDFM. Haha :D

ieja said...

yang, sila update.

and re-link aku
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